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Christi from New Jersey, USA.

“I have always been unlucky in love, attracting men who need financial and psychological support but are incapable of a genuine loving relationship. Over and over again I'm left hurt and alone. Soon after I began receiving Reiki Distance Healing from Rob I felt stronger and able to cope with the disappointment and the loneliness. Now I'm more positive about life and love. Rob gave me inspiration and, through Reiki, has helped me live in harmony with myself and able to face each day with a wonderful sense of happiness.”

Silva from Austria.

“I was really unhappy in my flat in Saltzburg. It felt very uncomfortable in a way I still find hard to explain. I was scared and confused but after receiving Reiki Distance Healing from Rob, I began to feel more at ease there and able to relax more than I had before. By the time I had completed my series of Reiki distance healing sessions, the flat had become my home. Now I'm happier and no longer afraid.”

Christi from New Jersey USA (2)

“I was nervous about my immigration hearing and asked Rob to send Reiki to the legal papers. Although I didn't win my case, I felt Reiki surround and comfort me during the hearing. The atmosphere in the courtroom was quiet and positive and helped me cope with the anxiety I felt. Thank you Rob for your kindness. I want to continue to receive Reiki Distance Healing sessions to help me through other events in my life.”

Mal from Staffordshire, England.

“I want to say a huge thank you for sending Reiki Distance Healing to my friend's cat, Scrivvy, who had been so ill. Your Reiki sessions eased Scrivvy's pain in her final days and ensured she had a peaceful passing. What more can I say, except that I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that her passing was so peaceful, and most of that was your doing. Barbara also wishes to express her gratitude to you. Thank you Rob.”

Christi from New Jersey USA (3)

“My nephew was due in court for a number of driving offences and his solicitor had warned him to expect to go to jail. I asked Rob to send Reiki to the court before and during the date and time of the trial. Much to everyones relief the Reiki worked and rather than send him to jail the judge fined him instead. Thank you, thank you from all the family. God bless you Rob for your healing energy”

Lynne Haywood, Shropshire, England.

“Rob, on the day I met you my hands were crippled with pain and I was finding it difficult to use my computer, which is a vital in my job. Within seconds of beginning the Reiki session I could feel an intense heat passing from your hand as it rested on mine. Then I began to feel the pain in my hand ease away and, for the first time in days, I could stretch out my fingers. It was my first experience with Reiki healing and I was both amazed and relieved. I want to thank you for your help.”

Freda Fellows, Staffordshire, England.

“I suffer from arthritis and I was sitting at the dining table when I suddenly realised that my left knee had locked. Rob, thankfully you were visiting that evening and you offered to give me Reiki. Almost immediately I could feel the warmth from your hand easing the knee joint and very soon after that I was able to stand up and walk without pain. I'm so glad you were there to help with Reiki.”

Bonnie Brown, Plymouth USA

“Thank you so much Rob. Amy is surprising everyone right now. ...You have been a Godsend. Amy is holding her own . The Doctors are amazed that she is still alive. I on the not!!”

Arun Jeet Singh Kawatra, India

“Hi, Rob........ Thanks for sending reiki e mails, thanks and kindly continue sending this, this is also helping in my business..............bobby”

Natalia Savchenko, a reiki master from Cyprus

“Hi Rob, Thanx for extention of the treatment. I feel a lot more centered than before. I myself practice Reiki. The reason I contacted you was because 1) I felt I needed healing from a totally independent practitioner and 2) I wanted to know what a distance reiki healing feels like....having done so many myself I have suddenly felt the need just to relax and have somebody else do the work...I feel that your work has stimilated some internal psychological changes...”

Mark Taylor, Lincolnshire England

“Thank you for the weekly message, I really look forward to them each week, keeps me on track.”

Nigel Williamson, Reiki Master, Sweden


Sai R, London, UK

“Thanks much for helping my friend through your Reiki sessions. Really.. And, I could not stop enrolling myself for your weekly message. It is wonderful. After seeing Rob in critical condition, I am shacky and want to be connected to real world.. I appreciate that you are helping people across world. Great piece of work !!”

Cath M, Johannesburg

“HI there! Thank you so very much for your work on our cats - and for the extra session, too! I really do appreciate it. Max is in exceptionally good spirits this morning - he has been purring and talking non-stop; Mingus has been in the kitchen cupboard looking for catnip and treats, all very jolly, and Chica is passed out, fast asleep! Bunny did not cough last night so she is feeling much better, too. As far as work goes, there has been an interesting turn of events; things are definitely shifting........ So, I'm really very pleased! It's all a turn for the better ... Thanks so much again, Rob, as I have no doubt your good Reiki energy played a part in this!”

Princess the cat, Johannesburg

“Dearest Rob, Hi there! Thank you so, so much for all you work with dear Princess. She passed away today, at 10.30 GMT and I have no doubt your reiki played a big part in her peaceful transition because she died at home in her garden, surrounded by those she loved, and she was able to exercise her choice to leave her body in her own time. So, there was no trauma and this was a really blessed and fortunate way to go. May we all be blessed with such a good-bye one day. With much gratitude from all of us... Thank you so very much, again, Cath”

Michelle R, BC Canada

“I also wanted to let you know that during the time that you were sending me reiki I had probably the most peaceful sleep that I've had in months! I have also been able to get so many things done in the past few days with little to no pain or discomfort.”

Angela H. England

“Thank you for the reiki I did feel pretty rough most of the day yesterday but during the evening felt much better more positive and more energy. I have slept well so had a good booster.”

Tom Lousiville KY USA

“Had my best nights sleep in a week! You rock! Tom”

Arturs. Manchester England

“Hi Rob Happy Easter! Thank You very much for both of Reiki sessions. Sorry for my replay so late. I got a job the same evening after booking a session, and felt very good and happy, I was working the same night and night after in production..... All the best Arturs”

Georgie the Guinea Pig. England

“Georgie, our gorgeous Guinea-pig was sadly dropped on 14th February 2012, only from a small height but enough to damage her hind legs so they dragged.In a state of shock (both of us) she was taken to the vets who gave her an anti-inflammatory injection & was told to take her back for x-rays after 7-10 days if there was no improvement. I spent hours keeping her clean to prevent infection but things didn\'t improve and as time passed there seemed very little hope. I contacted Mr Fellows for Reiki healing and he performed hands on treatment together with distance healing. This was a total success and after 5 weeks Georgie was happy to bounce around the run quite happily, fully recovered. It seems to be that after vets dismissed her as a near fatality this is none short of a miracle! So a great big thanks from myself and Georgie for all your efforts as otherwise,i fear, she would no longer be with us.”

Rob Vallejo CA USA

“Thank you for the extra sessions and I appreciate all that you do!! I have seen and felt great improvement with the people,my dog,and my mothers home. There are many family, friends, animals, and associates who I want healing for, so you will be seeing a lot of my requests!”

Kim B from British Columbia, Canada

“Dear Rob, Thank you for sending me and Mark Reiki!! I did find that I felt better yesterday and Mark was able to rest comfortably on his bed last night and he was quite quiet on the drive back to hospital.”

Angela H, Preston England

“My husband left me several weeks ago I was in shock I had no idea it was going to happen he sent me a text whilst I was visiting my daughter. The distance healing helped me during those initial weeks when my whole body was in shock. It helped me through it friends were amazed at how well I looked and how well I coped. I have a long way to go yet but I know the reiki supported me greatly during that difficult time.”

Laura Simmons Alexandria USA

“Hi Rob. My Mom seems to be less stressed. She has more or less had enough and isn't going to worry about things she can't control. It's a difficult situation but I do believe that the Reiki helped. I appreciate you sending more than I are wonderful like that and one of the reasons I keep coming back! Thanks again!”

Donna K, Bohemia USA

“Hi Rob, this is my favourite one.............Donna”

Cristina Campos, Brazil

“Hello Master Rob, I'm so good and so happy! I still feel a little pain in the shoulders,but I'm more upbeat. I need more and I will arrange for Reiki sessions. Already confirmed my email address to receive inspiring words. I'm enlightened and I am very grateful for helping me. Namaste Cristina Campos”

Anne M from Oregan, owner of Sissy the cat

“Sissy feels much better. She has not scratched her ears; she let me clean them this morning. The wax in her ears is usually dry and lumpy. Today it was smooth and heavy, like a block was released. She is enjoying her morning outside in the sunshine right now. Thanks for helping her. She will also love your bonus session. Her sister, Aubrey, will need some sessions next. I will let you know very soon when to help her.”

Jean D, Perton, England

“Thank you so much Rob for the wonderful way you have helped my shoulder. I have never been able to move it so much since I tripped and fell down the stairs. Your sessions of Reiki make me fell so relaxed and just talking to you is a huge help. Thank you”

Shikkha C , New Delhi ,India

“Hi Rob Thanks is a very small word to say for what u r doing for me. But unfortunately the problem is .....non healing sinus Doc is also not able to do any help. But keep sending reiki it will help me. Thanks God Bless u Shikkha”

Laura Simmons, Alexandria, USA

“My husband was involved in a traffic accident that was not his fault (it totaled his truck). The police officer wrote him a ticket indicating he was "Not Paying Full Time Attention," which wasn't true. I asked Rob to send distance Reiki to his court date which was July 20. Thanks to Rob sending that Reiki, my husband was found not guilty and didn't have to pay a court fee or any kind of fine and our auto insurance will not increase! Rob has also sent Reiki on several occasions to us to help with life in general. He is a wonderful, caring person and I will be contacting him again for future Reiki sessions."”

Laura Simmons, Alexandria, USA

“You are awesome! Yes, I have done quite well these past two days. The crowd both days has been much bigger than last year. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you so much for the extra Reiki!”

Laura Simmons Alexandria USA 4

“I spoke to her last night and she seems to be less stressed. She has more or less had enough and isn't going to worry about things she can't control......It's a difficult situation but I do believe that the Reiki helped. I appreciate you sending more than I are wonderful like that and one of the reasons I keep coming back! Thanks again!”