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Reiki Distance Healing For Events

Business or Work

Picture of someone working with a paper document Use Reiki Distance Healing to help you business or work and erase difficult times in your life.

Reiki can be sent to help with events, both past and present.

Reiki has its own special way of finding where the receiver will most benefit.

Reiki Distance Healing could help in so many other ways.

Create harmony in your home.

Let me send Reiki to your place of work or to the success of your business. Reiki could help your company to win a particular contract.

Many clients like to book an intensive course of sessions for an initial period of 7 - 14 days and then ‘booster sessions’ of one or two sessions per week over a longer period of time.

The choice is yours. I will send Reiki to each event(s) - you don"t have to go anywhere or do anything. Reiki will be sent for the number sessions you have booked.

At checkout you will pay in your own currency. Approximate amount
  £ GBP $ USD € EURO
Single session £15 $25 €17.50
Two Session £25 $41 €30
Three sessions £35 $58 €41
Four sessions £40 $66 €47
Five sessions £45 $74 €53
Six sessions £48 $79 €56
Seven session £50 $82.50 €58.50
More than seven sessions:
amount per session
£7 $11.50 €8.20
A full week of Reiki sessions for only £7.14 each
($11.79 USD or €8.36 EURO).

Reiki Distance Healing could help you or others to:

  • Achieve 'financial freedom'
  • Heal past events like a bitter divorce or a bereavement or being made redundant
  • Make you feel more positive about your home or job
  • Creating a positive setting for an impending court case

"Now I’m happy and no longer afraid"

Silva, Austria

Reiki Distance Healing can help you, or someone you love, with:

  • Impending exams
  • A job interview
  • A difficult presentation (aren’t they all difficult?!)
  • Moving to a new home
  • Starting a new job or college course
  • Visiting the dentist

Reiki Distance Healing for Events is only limited by your imagination. Reiki could help you or those you love in innumerable ways. Whatever the difficulty!

"God Bless you and your energy... Many thanks from all of us"

Christi, New Jersey, USA